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  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

    The source of inspiration isn't always apparent at first.


  • The Impermanence of Everything

    Assuming that things will not change is a mistake of the young and/or unobservant.
  • Apparently I Took This Photo

    Large format photography as an aide-mémoire.
  • Among Jain Pilgrims

    There is certain type of greed that afflicts photographers; we must always get the photo. This is my experience of doing just that in Gujarat, India on a particularly hot day in 1998...
  • Living in a Darkroom

    Travelling through Africa in a mobile darkroom.
  • Confessions of a Large Format Photographer

    Doing whatever it takes to get the photo.
  • Anonymous Photographer

    Oddly enough, I didn’t take this photo. It’s the remains of the Didyma Temple in Turkey. It is dedicated to Apollo and was built about 1200 years ...
  • Familiarity breeds Indifference

    A salutary tale about complacency...
  • Digging deep to get the photo

    The cost of large format photography in Egypt, circa 1999
  • The Making of Trophy

    The genesis and development of the Trophy project.
  • The Camera Sometimes Lies

    When you and I look at this photo we see and feel different things. Let me tell you why.
  • The Making of Playing God

    An explanation around the thinking and process behind the Playing God project.