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Anonymous Photographer

Oddly enough, I didn’t take this photo.

It’s the remains of the Didyma Temple in Turkey. It is dedicated to Apollo and was built about 1200 years ago by the Greeks.

Mostly, I found that there was a fairly relaxed attitude towards tripods in Turkey, but this place proved the exception and it was made abundantly clear that, although I was most welcome to wander through the ruins, the tripod would have to stay behind. Normally that wouldn’t be much of an issue with the sun out and so plenty of light - who needs a tripod, right? The problem was my choice of equipment: a large format camera the type of which requires me to put it on a tripod before disappearing under a black cloth to make the necessary adjustments and calculations.

But while tripods were out, no one said anything about beanbags, and I happened to travel with one in anticipation of such emergencies.

So, I set up my camera on its beanbag and held it firmly against the handrail of the steps that provided access to the site, then asked the first passing fellow tourist to gently squeeze the cable release.

She did a great job, and didn’t insist on attribution, so remains anonymous.

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